What is the Connection Vouchers scheme?

There is a Government initiative to help UK businesses access reliable and fast broadband connectivity that is essential to running a business these days. The Government will provide funding in the form of a connection voucher for up to £3000 (excluding VAT).

Government funding is available in 22 “Super Connected” cities UK wide including Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and London. To check if your business is eligible check this list of the 22 “SuperConnected” cities.

Electric Mango is partnered with a registered supplier for the Connection Vouchers scheme. We will assist you to maximise the value of your funding by providing reliable high speed business broadband service tailored to your business needs. We also provide upgrades to existing business broadband packages which provide faster broadband and enhanced services

The Government scheme expires in March 2015, or before if all the funding is allocated. To avoid missing out on this opportunity to improve your business, it is important to register your interest expediently. Bristol Council has been allocated £4.8 million to help Bristol based business. So far business in the area has expressed significant interest in the scheme.

What are the Benefits?

Broadband is essential for all businesses that want to compete on a level playing field in today’s national and global market place. There is more reliance on far reaching communications and data storage than ever before with an increasing usage of cloud based applications with even small business software using cloud storage for back up data. E-commerce, email, and wireless access to company data are every day practices. Cost saving video conferencing has replaced much business travel and even telephony can be conducted with the right business broadband package.

Taking advantage of the Connection Vouchers funding means businesses can affordably upgrade or implement business broadband that will not only enhance current business practices but will also future proof them as technology changes. The smallest advantage in business these days is the key to ongoing success.

Fibre broadband is the future so it is sensible to apply for funding where sums between £250 and £3000 can be claimed. The tangible benefits of having a fast, reliable broadband package will be immediate with customers, staff, and technicians all enjoying a better user experience. Cost savings will become quickly apparent with reduced costs and more efficient work practices.

Register for Connection Vouchers

  • 1. To claim a Connection Voucher for your business is simple. We can assess your eligibility for the scheme and supply you with a quotation which you can use to claim funding from your local authority. We will guide you through all the necessary steps. Generally speaking, medium sized businesses within a “SuperConnected” area are eligible for the scheme.
  • 2. Once we have supplied your quotation, it is a simple matter of visiting the website connectionvouchers.co.uk to submit your quotation and register for the scheme.
  • 3. When your business has been approved for funding, contact Electric Mango and we will handle the implementation or upgrade of your business broadband package. It is important to note that VAT on all costs is payable by the business.

The Small Print

There is none. The funds are free capital from the Government to aid business to operate efficiently, gain competitive advantage thus improving the national economy.

Contact Electric Mango to take advantage of the Connection Vouchers scheme here.

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